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This medication is an oral treatment for those patients who suffer from anxiety disorder or panic disorders. It is formulated with benzodiazepine as its therapeutic agent that offers cure by affecting certain chemicals in the brain. It acts to keep the biological chemical produced in the brain in balanced condition so as to relieve anxiety and depression accompanied with it. This drug is for oral administration and is usually recommended for short term consumption only. Taking it for long either develop dependency or the drug or makes it less ineffective.

The drug is formulated in a tablet form which allows the drug slowly into the body. It acts fast and relaxes nerves and brain to cure panic, anxiety and anxiety due to depression.


Consume pills of Pex-2 as directed and prescribed by your medical advisor. Read and follow all the instructions carefully mentioned on the pack and on information leaflet so as to derive maximum benefit out of the medicine. It comes in a tablet form that should be swallowed as a whole. Since it is an extended-release form of benzodiazepine, chewing, crushing or breaking the pill may cause release of large amount of dosage at once, leading to some major side effects. It is usually not to be consumed for more than 2-4 weeks unless prescribed by the doctor. When taken for days more than recommended, it can lead to develop your dependency on the pill.

Dosing Information

This drug is usually taken 2-4 times a day. Take this medicine under your doctor constant supervision to get 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Your doctor may prescribe a lower dose to start with. Swallow Pex 2mg tablet whole with a glass of water. Withdrawal symptoms are possible once you stop taking this drug. Seek the guidance of your doctor on how to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

What are the Side Effects?

If you feel uncomfortable after taking this drug in the following or some other ways such as unusual risk-taking behavior, suicidal thoughts, hallucinations, uncontrolled muscle movements, hyperactivity, depressed mood, seizure, chest pain, tremor, agitation, confusion, hostility, dizziness, sleep problems, memory problem, blurred vision and more, inform your doctor immediately.